3 Digit Blog Party

Hello, friends and family. Party time. Today I host my first blog party. I decided to throw one to celebrate 100 plus followers. It’s great to know that people enjoy reading your work. Not a day goes by when I’m not praying that I can continue to grow with my writing 

To those who don’t already know, my name is David. I’m 25, and I write about anything I feel moved to share. Anything from my own amateur poetry to my own trivial thoughts.  The rules of the blog party are as followed:

The rules will go as followed:

  1. A short introduction of yourself and your blog.
  2. A link to your blog so others can check it out.
  3. Share at least 3 pieces from your blog in links.
  4. Interact with other party goers.
  5. Be kind and appropriate towards one another. 

Enjoy yourselves and blog away.

By David Harris

I was born on January 31, 1992. I graduated from Austin Peay State University in December 2015 with a B.S. My major was Communications, with a concentration in Print & Web Journalism. My minor was English, with a concentration in Creative Writing. Writing is my passion. I’m a book lover. I prefer to to be called a Booklion rather than a bookworm. Why- lions are mightier.
My first love is Jesus Christ. I was raised in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. No we are not a cult. We are Christians who worship on Saturday.
I have been stuttering since I was four, but through Christ I have persevered through it and will continue to do so. I’m not thing with Him.
Singing is another passion of mine. God blessed with me with the gift of song, which I am grateful for.

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Hey y’all! My name is Kelsie Eldridge. I was born on Feb 8th, 1998 in a small town in Tennessee. I’m currently attending UTC where I’m studying Communications and Creative Writing (much like David). I have a passion for traveling, reading, writing, hiking, and meeting new people. I’m currently living in Maine for the summer doing an internship, which has made for a lot of new writing materials. My blog is faith based and I share my thoughts, ideas, struggles and triumphs there. If you’d be interested in checking it out the link is :
Happy blogging!

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We’re both born on the 8th lol mine is March though. Im going to check your blog out it sounds inspiring and we share a couple of interests✨

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Hey y’all!

My name is intrepid8 and I am a college grad living the blogging lifestyle in that grand Pacific Northwest! I’m originally a city boy at heart hailing from New York City.

In my website I blog about anything from cooking (check out my chicken meatball recipe) to movies (see my Power Rangers film review) to scientific ideas (what if we colonized the moon Ganymede).

I hope you’ll take a look at

As always I aim to inform, inspire and instruct.


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Hey, I’m Lee and I’m always late to the parties but better late than never😀 I Blog at
I recently started a summer party playlist project (I’ll link it) I post short stories, diy projects, poetry, and other inspiring fun posts! You’ll find something you enjoy✨ I’m 23 years old, birthday in March.
Here are some links to some of my posts:🐾💗/🌻💛🎶/☺%EF%B8%8F-late-night-crafts/

I don’t know if the links work because I’m on mobile.

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