Bible Did You Know: There were Giants

This week I was briefly reading about one of the most intriguing and mysterious constructions ever created by man- the Stonehenge. To those unfamiliar with this prehistoric monument, it is a ring of standing stones, which resides in Wiltshire, England. The biggest mystery to this day is how it was put together.

Image borrowed from Unsplash . I do not own image.
Image borrowed from Unsplash. I do not own image.

Did You Know…

that men and women in ancient times were much bigger in height and symmetry than people today?

Genesis 6:4 says, “There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.”

According to Ellen G White’s “Patriarch’s and Prophets”, “As man came forth from the hand of his Creator, he was of lofty stature and perfect symmetry. His countenance bore the ruddy tint of health and glowed with the light of life and joy. Adam’s height was much greater than that of men who now inhabit the earth. Eve was somewhat less in stature; yet her form was noble, and full of beauty.”

White goes further into the height and appearance of the first couple, Adam and Eve, in chapter 2 of “The Story of Redemption”.

“As Adam came forth from the hand of his Creator he was of noble height and of beautiful symmetry. He was more than twice as tall as men now living upon the earth, and was well proportioned. His features were perfect and beautiful. His complexion was neither white nor sallow, but ruddy, glowing with the rich tint of health. Eve was not quite as tall as Adam. Her head reached a little above his shoulders. She, too, was noble, perfect in symmetry, and very beautiful.”

My theory(just a theory): a group of people twice the size of people today and superior in strength constructed this monument with their bare heads as if the stones were building blocks. The Stonehenge had to have been assembled some time after the Lord sent the Great Flood, which happened in Genesis. Had it been constructed before the flood anything standing would have been washed away.

Image borrowed from Unsplash . I do not own image.

By David Harris

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