Blogging Challenge- Day 20: My Favorite Apps

Evening guys. I hope you had a great day. I didn’t really do anything but work, but it’s one of those days I really can’t complain about. Before I begin with “My Favorite Apps, I want all of you to pray for a friend of mine going through a living situation. Everyone needs a roof over their heads. Let us begin.


Who would have thought that the first selfie I posted all those many moons ago in 2014 would grow into the hundreds? My mom likes to call me “Selfie King” due to the many selfie potraits I take of myself. However, handsomeharris_7gov is my name, yet taking selfies is my game. You’re probably thinking, Who does this guy think he is with a name like that! HANDSOME!!! That’s what I think I am. 😂 If you wanna talk bad names, my last IG username was blackhamlet. How I came up with that one is beyond me. Growing up I was insecure about being nerdy and not getting the attention of certain people I wanted to be interested in me. Instagram helped me to appreciate my smile more and not care too much about how people perceive me as.

(Above: November 10, 2014)

(Above: August 29, 2015)


As a teenager, my mother refused to let me have a Myspace page due to lurking predators pretending to be kids. Anyone remember when MySpace still had a pulse? Facebook seemed safer and Mom could see how much wanted to keep track of my school friends, so she let it slide. Facebook is a good way to stay connected with peers, even its just through occasional comments under a status update. You don’t have to say goodbye to people entirely. Word to the wise, be careful when you befriend people such as church members on Facebook. These people are watching you like wolves stalking sheep. Anything you say such as bad jokes, rants, or anything unchristian like can be used against you. Also, you may see a side of your church members that they normally wouldn’t show in the house of God. The second part is exactly why my father, a church elder, chooses to not get sucked into Facebook as much as others do. 


This is one of the best tools I’ve ever uploaded to my phone. I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to personalize their blog and make it more appealing. Canva is a fun way to create ideas such  posters; banners; postcards; album covers and blog covers with awesome templates; font styles; colors and more. Here are some of the things I have done with it as well. 


Every day I have to crank up at least one song from my music library. If you look through my phone you will find almost every type of genre in the music app;  everything from Soul to Gospel. There are too many songs to mention, so I’ll just show you a small taste of what I have.

What are your favorite apps? 




By David Harris

I was born on January 31, 1992. I graduated from Austin Peay State University in December 2015 with a B.S. My major was Communications, with a concentration in Print & Web Journalism. My minor was English, with a concentration in Creative Writing. Writing is my passion. I’m a book lover. I prefer to to be called a Booklion rather than a bookworm. Why- lions are mightier.
My first love is Jesus Christ. I was raised in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. No we are not a cult. We are Christians who worship on Saturday.
I have been stuttering since I was four, but through Christ I have persevered through it and will continue to do so. I’m not thing with Him.
Singing is another passion of mine. God blessed with me with the gift of song, which I am grateful for.

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