Farewell 2020, Salutations 2021

We can all agree that we all felt the toll of 2020 in some way. But As my fiancée reminded me two weeks ago, it was not all bad. If there was anything I needed this year whether it was a new job; a paycheck; a stimulus check I didn’t need; a day off; wisdom; relief from stress; a solution to a problem; I prayed and prayed and I received. While I did receive I was reminded also that my Heavenly Father wants me to do what is necessary to follow Him. If you love me, keep my commandments, He says. And just as He told Peter after asking him 3 times if he loved Him, “Feed my sheep”, said Christ.

I don’t quite have any resolutions to share with those of you who are still reading my blog. Part of the reason is because too often I have set them and failed to accomplish every single desire. For me everyday will be a day to improve from the last. To continually grow because no matter how advanced you get in your years, the learning does not stop. If we knew it all and had it all, what need would there be for a God. To be able to follow Christ every day requires me to continually give myself up to Him because in a tempting world like this a one time offer is not going to cut it.

It would be a mistake to not mention the next chapter of my life that awaits- marriage. I want to take what I’ve learned directly from the Bible; from the best of what I’ve observed from my parent’s marriage and apply it to my own right from when I say “I Do”. I’ve never done this before so naturally I am nervous about the unknown. However If the Spirit can lead me through grade school, college, living on my own; a global pandemic; or just speaking day by day then surely He can be with me as I settled down and grow with my best friend Courtni, who I love with all my heart.


  • Surviving the pandemic and those I love being healed
  • Finding a ring and proposing to my best friend
  • Having my family together for Christmas
  • Having a group of prayer warriors
  • Receiving a new job and making bigger money
  • All the reminders that God is with me even if I think He’s tired of me
  • Wedding Planning
  • Mini Staycation in Nashville
  • Smiling and laughing
  • Telling myself I was going to stop thinking the worst by realizing nothing has happened yet and that I have so much good in my life
  • Still being able to write and blog even if not as much
  • Despite my stutter having the courage to minister

I can’t predict what the future holds, nor do I intend to let fear of the unknown run my life, but I do know that I love me and that my Jesus will see me through future days just as He has see me through days past.

Have a Happy New Year and God Bless.


By David Harris

I was born on January 31, 1992. I graduated from Austin Peay State University in December 2015 with a B.S. My major was Communications, with a concentration in Print & Web Journalism. My minor was English, with a concentration in Creative Writing. Writing is my passion. I’m a book lover. I prefer to to be called a Booklion rather than a bookworm. Why- lions are mightier.
My first love is Jesus Christ. I was raised in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. No we are not a cult. We are Christians who worship on Saturday.
I have been stuttering since I was four, but through Christ I have persevered through it and will continue to do so. I’m not thing with Him.
Singing is another passion of mine. God blessed with me with the gift of song, which I am grateful for.

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